• The Land of Lava and Ice

    Finnish Photographer Kimmo Savolainen has captured beautiful landscapes of Iceland in his recent series titled “

    The Land of Lava and Ice.”

  • Peace and War

    New York-based artists ICY and SOT have created a series of striking stenciled street art. Their works are mostly about peace, war, society issues and human rights.

  • MR. MILK

    American student designer Justin Ross has created an identity for a fictional company Mr. Milk. His goal was to merge the past and the present by pairing the classic milk bottle silhouette with modern design elements. 

  • Crochet animals

    Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos in his ongoing series has been wrapping animals in five-needle lace, handmade cotton crochet. But these aren’t any old animals. Vasconcelos has appropriated the ceramic artwork of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905), one of the most renowned Portuguese artists of the 19th century.

  • Ada Blackjack

    American Designer Verena Michelitsch has created the idenity for Ada Blackjack, handcrafted bags, made in Barcelona by Ivonne Schippers. The brand is inspired by Ada Blackjack, an Inuit woman who was the heroic and sole survivor of a two year expedition on the uninhabited Wrangel Island in northern Siberia. 

  • Elements of Design

    A short film from Matt Greenwood on the elements of design. 

  • The Swings

    Canadian design collective Daily Tous Les Jours have designed a musical light swing installation, The swings are built with illuminated light panels at the bottom of the seat, and serves as an instrument that would produce different audible tones as people swing on them, creating a harmonic musical light show.

  • Type of Letters

    Created by Niral Parekh, 3,000 pieces of mail on a mail cubby to spell “Type.” The project took Best of Show in this year’s TDC Communication Design competition.

  • Travels

    French photographer Jonathan Moyal’s spectacular shots of his travels on a road trip through Canada. Capturing dramatic shots of towering mountains ranges, half-frozen lakes, winding roads, and star-studded night skies.

  • Lens Between Us

    An awesome tumblr blog, of Two points of view: she photographs him, he photographs her, at the same time.

  • Patent Prints

    An Awesome Etsy shop that sells prints of patent drawings of everything from vintage cameras to TIE Fighters.

  • Magnus Celestii 

    Irish designer Joseph Walsh has created this enormous free form sculpture, currently part of the Design Show exhibition at the New Art Centre in Roche Court, Wiltshire, UK, begins as a desk in the center of the room. The layers of ash wood then curl upward in a spiral that grows outward, throughout the room, ending as a large shelf extending along one wall of the gallery.
  • The work of Takeshi

    Takeshi is a French illustrator and artist based in New York. His illustrative work is renowned for its surreal feel, the quality of its photomontages as well as the light treatments and colourful compositions.

  • Paper Birds

    Artist and designer Diana Beltran Herrera creates stunning accurate reproductions of birds using paper. The fragile sculptures are a mix of private commissions and pieces for several luxury brands who use her work in displays and advertising. 

  • Sport Icons

    Raul Urias and Raul Manriquez from Mexican studioSkinpop created this fantastic illustrated series as a tribute to the greatest sport icons around the world

  • One Day

    a unique series of landscapes in which Japanese photographer Ken Kitano uses long exposures to capture sunrise to sunset throughout the course of one single day. 

  • How much is the abyss table going for?

    I’ve fixed the link, you can find the price here.

  • Abyss Table

    Designer Christopher Duff of Duffy London  has released concept images of the Abyss Table, a carefully layered table made from sculpted Perspex and wood that creates a geographic cross-section of the ocean. The tables will be limited to a series of 25 and are available for purchase here.